From Vision to Reality

In this section you can find inspiring stories about people and organizations who succeed in making a change

In this section you can find inspiring stories on people and organizations who succeed in making change.

Tommy Kleyn, a dutch artist, was shocked by the sight of the waste on the banks of the Schie River as he was passing by on his daily ride to his studio. One day he decided to do something about it. He started devoting 30 minutes every morning on his way to work to clean up the beach. His simple act managed not only to clean the river bank but also inspire many others around the world to do the same.

Eliya and Daniel wanted to make their dream come true - to produce the perfect vegan chocolate. When they decided to  raise financial support through crowdfunding they had no idea where it would lead. They raised over 200,000 israeli shekels, which allowed them to go beyond their initial aspirations and establish an impressive social business and answer the vegan community’s need for high quality chocolate.

“Humanity at work” is the Mondragon motto. Mondragon is a corporate of cooperatives. Since the corporate’s establishment, 250 companies and cooperatives were founded, in the industrial, financial and retail industries. The Mondragon corporate employs 74,000 people, and has a revenue of 11 billion euros per year. The employees themselves are the sole shareholders, and each has one share and one equal voting right.

The story of nobel peace prize laureate, who established a women’s movement in Kenya, that planted over 30 million trees, thus empowering them and providing them with viable means to prosper.

“Take nothing. Do no harm”. That has become the motto of Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Inc. The company took a courageous step to implement sustainability in its operations in the most strict manner that resulted in doubling its profits. A fascinating story that exemplifies how profit and sustainability can go hand in hand.

“Si se puede” Stephen Ritz, a South Bronx teacher is not a farmer, but with his amazing energy and love to his students he managed to create a green revolution in his school and neighbourhood. Disabled and homeless kids learned how to plan, build and grow green walls and roofs and much much more...