Enough, for all, forever

What can each of us do today to advance our society?

We want abundance, We want the best life that we can imagine...

But it’s complicated, when every decision we make has ripple effects - on ourselves, on others, and on the environment we live in.
In a thought provoking confluence we will explore together how we can reach a state where there is enough, for all, forever, and what each of us can do today to promote our society towards a better place.

“Enough, for all, forever” project is a lecture and a dialogue for cross-pollination and co-creation. Together we will understand the challenge we all face socially and environmentally, and how it relates to each of us on a global level; but more specifically on a local and personal level. Working together allows us to focus on the solutions: together we will understand how each one of us – starting today – can play an important role in improving the world around us, by creating a more equal, just and sustainable society.

The purpose of the project is to demystify the ‘sustainability challenge’ that we are part of, and encourage personal initiative to improve our society. The lecture provides operational tools and moreover - inspiration for action through the extensive sustainable activism that is already taking place today. The vision of the project is that every person who wishes to learn and implement sustainability in his/her personal life will be able to do so.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who is curious about better understanding the world we live in, and wants to think about our society’s future. In every lecture the content is tailored to the particular audience and the local challenges they face. The lectures are relevant to people who have no prior knowledge about the subject and for those who do.

- “You have facilitated the lecture in an incredible way, it really opened something in me. I hope that as many people as possible will hear it.
- “I really enjoyed the lecture, you’ve succeeded in creating a very pleasant gathering.
- "It was inspiring for me to ask myself, what can I give society, based on my knowledge and experience in life.