The power of one

Tommy Kleyn, a dutch artist, was shocked by the sight of the waste on the banks of the Schie River as he was passing by on his daily ride to his studio. One day he decided to do something about it. He started devoting 30 minutes every morning on his way to work to clean up the beach. His simple act managed not only to clean the river bank but also inspire many others around the world to do the same.

On the first day that Tommy, a usual person like all of us, decided to pick up litter for 30 minutes, he filled his plastic bag quite quickly, making it easy to become a habit. He continued to pick up litter every day and documented it through the web. Little did he know what ripples his act would create. What started as a small initiative of one person, evolved into different responses - friends joined the endeavor, the municipality sent workers to lend a hand, and many people praised and cheered his efforts. As a final token, after finishing the clean-up, a lovely Eurasian Coot (a type of duck) came to nest in the cleaned plot. Tommy’s initiative already received a million views and thousands of comments, which made him open a facebook page to encourage others to take similar initiatives around the world and clean up too. Today his facebook page has more than 6000 ‘likes’ and he is publishing pictures of people who documented their own clean-ups from all over the globe. He also has a website for graphic design and photography. You are welcome to support him too.